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Sihing Lance Zabatta

(1994 – Present)

Over 25 years experience in Martial Arts, Choy Lay Fut & Fu Style Tai Chi
Student of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung & Master Li Siu Hung
Former Champion in many International Tournaments
Years of experience as an instructor
Trained with many skilled masters


Sihing John Graber

(1993 – Present)

Over 30 years experience in Chinese Martial Arts
One of the 1st students of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung in the USA & current student of Master Li Siu Hung
Known for his skill in Internal Martial Arts: Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Lok Hap Baat Fah & Push Hands
Teaches in the Ft. Lauderdale school morning class and has helped students use Tai Chi to overcome illness and various injuries
Trained with many skilled masters

Sijeh Jina Mullet Levine

(1998 – Present)

With more than 20 years experience in several martial arts styles, Jina began training Choy Lay Fut under master Li Siu Hung in 1998, and Fu Style Tai Chi 5 years later. A former champion in forms and fighting, she now participates as a judge, coach and performer at many Chinese martial arts events. As well as continuing to study Choy Lay Fut, she is also furthering her education in internal martial arts with a skilled teacher, and is a dedicated and detail-oriented instructor of kung fu and tai chi at the Sunrise location.

Sijeh Lauren Porter

(1998 – Present)

Lauren Porter began learning Kung-Fu as a teenager, winning an A.A.U. silver medal in fighting at the age of 19. After studying several different styles, she wanted to further her knowledge of martial arts and travelled to China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She joined the Lee Koon Hung Kung-Fu Association in 1998 and began studying under Master Li, Siu Hung. She has represented the school at many tournaments and demos as a judge and competitor. Sijeh Lauren is currently an instructor at our Boynton Beach school and has been a loyal student for over 20 years!

Assistant Instructors

Sihing Josh Nyce

Sihing Josh Nyce

(1997 – Present)

Assistant instructor and law enforcement officer, Josh Nyce, has been a student for over 20 years. He is a very well rounded martial artist with vast knowledge in forms and is 4 time full contact fighting champion.


Sijeh Penny Kirkiles

(1999 – Present)

A former champion in fighting & forms and over 20 years experience, Penny has been a main member of our Lion Dance & Demo Team. Penny helps coach kung fu in our Sunrise location.

Jason Kung

Sihing Jason Kung

(2005 – Present)

Jason has trained in styles of Kung Fu since his teenage years. He has been with the Lee Koon Hung Association the past 10 Years.

Nayara Monteiro

Sijeh Nayara Monteiro

(2005 – Present)

A champion in fighting & forms, Nayara is an extremely hard worker and main part of our Lion Dance & Demo Team. Nayara helps coach at our Sunrise location.

Inst-Mauricio Rampone

Sihing Mauricio Rampone

(2007 – Present)

Mauricio has over 10 years experience studying under Master Li. He has competed and won in both Long-Weapon-Form as well as Two-Man-Hand. Mauricio strives to be his best and constantly offers help to others students.


Sihing Raul Matute

(2009 – Present)

Raul Matute has been training hard with us for a number of years now along with his 2 sons. Raul is dedicated and helps out a lot during Chinese New Year as our “Buddha”. Raul excels at fighting and at the 2009 Orlando Tournament placed 1st in broadsword, 1st in hand form and 2nd in staff. Raul assists with both adults and children.

Sihing Nickolas Ross

(2017 – Present)

Nickolas Ross trains under Master Li, Siu Hung at our Boynton Beach location. Having won multiple medals at the Orlando International Tournament in 2018, Nick is very passionate about growing his knowledge of Choy Lay Fut and is consistently dedicated to improving. Nick does an excellent job passing on his knowledge of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu to our kids class.

Jr. Assistant Instructors

Cesar Valero

Cesar Valero

(2003 – Present)

Cesar has been with Master Li on and off for over 15 years. His skills continue to improve and he is admired by us for his effort.

Jonathon Ashman

(2009 – Present)

We have literally seen Jonathon grow up in our school. Starting around age 4 or 5 he has been training at our school for over 10 years now and has been a longtime member of our Lion Dance & Demo Team. Jonathon has competed in forms & fighting at many local and international tournaments and won a number of medals & trophies over the years. He was a Grand Champion at one of the Lee Koon Hung Memorial Tournaments and continues to train hard improving his fighting, hand forms and weapons. Jonathon has developed an interest in being a role-model for our younger students and has started to help teaching in our kids classes. We expect great things in the future for him.

Sabrina Wong

(2010 – Present)

Sabrina Wong has been a student here at the
Boynton Beach Kung-fu school since the age of 8. Her calm, quiet demeanor makes her an excellent role model for the children’s class and she is always ready to help out. Since transitioning into the adult curriculum, she continues in the kids class as a junior assistant instructor. Her forms are beautiful and her fighting ferocious. We hope that she will continue to make Kung-fu a part of her life for many years to come.

Anjani Perez

Aniani Perez

(2012 – Present)

Anjani Perez has practiced Kung Fu for six years and has trained with Master Li, Siu Hung for three years now. She is also a part of the lion dance team and accomplished 1st place and 2nd place medals at the Orlando International Tournament. She continues to improve and is dedicated in her training.

Ken Mark

(2015 – Present)

Ken Mark and his son Brandon have been a part of the Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu family attending both the Sunrise and Boynton schools and are members of the Lion Dance Team since the beginning of 2015. Ken received his training from private lessons from Sifu and coaches his son Brandon who has won many awards in the International Kung Fu tournaments in Orlando and South Florida. Ken is a leader at work and also participates in CrossFit 5 days a week while helping teach our students in the Boynton school.

Manuel Reyes

(2017 – Present)

Being a veteran whom served our Country, Manuel Reyes, is wonderful at teaching discipline and inner strength at our kids class. Manuel Reyes teaches our kids class, and his son is a kids class student at our Boynton Beach location.

Victoria Winterling

(2017 – Present)

Victoria Winterling trains under Master Li, Siu Hung at our Boynton Beach location. While being fairly new to martial arts, she was a Championship Figure Skater and brings that grace, strength and discipline to her Kung Fu training. During her figure skating career, she also became an experienced coach who has helped bring out the best in many children. Victoria placed 1st in forms at the Orlando ICMAC Tournament in 2018 and looks forward to competing in many more tournaments. Her tenacious spirit drives her to continually improve and expand her knowledge of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.

Eric Mundt

(2017 – Present)

Eric Mundt holds advanced degrees in Early Childhood Development and Behavioral Interventions. Mr. Mundt has also been a national-level Springboard Diving Coach for over 20 years. An expert in body mechanics and body awareness, Mr. Mundt began studying Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu 2 years ago. “When a Kung Fu form is performed correctly it is like poetry in motion.” Mr. Mundt enjoys bringing his passion for teaching and working with young children to the Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu schools.

Armando Cuervo

(2018 – Present)

Armando Cuervo has studied under Master Li Siu Hung since mid-2018 at our Sunrise location. Armando’s interest in Kung Fu started when he was 14 years old after watching countless movies of his favorite martial artist/actor, Jet Li. He practiced Choy Lay Fut briefly under another sifu 18 years earlier but fell out of the habit. Searching for a place to return to his previous training, he discovered Master Li’s school. Armando looks to put his enthusiasm for teaching to good use passing on the values he has learned in Kung Fu, business, public speaking and fitness to our young students. As he says “To enrich your life, you must first enrich others.”

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