Lance 1

Sihing Lance Zabatta

(1994 – Present)

Over 20 years experience in Martial Arts, Choy Lay Fut & Fu Style Tai Chi
Student of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung & Master Li Siu Hung
Former Champion in many International Tournaments
Years of experience as an instructor
Trained with many skilled masters


Sihing John Graber

(1993 – Present)

Over 30 years experience in Chinese Martial Arts
One of the 1st students of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung in the USA & current student of Master Li Siu Hung
Known for his skill in Internal Martial Arts: Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Lok Hap Baat Fah & Push Hands
Teaches in the Ft. Lauderdale school morning class and has helped students use Tai Chi to overcome illness and various injuries
Trained with many skilled masters

Assistant Instructors


Sijeh Sylvia Cuolahan

(1995 – Present)

Over 15 years experience in Tai Chi. She was a student of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung. Teaches at Ft Lauderdale school and also helps many seniors enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi.

Sihing Josh Nyce

Sihing Josh Nyce

(1997 – Present)

Assistant instructor and law enforcement officer, Josh Nyce, has been a student for over 17 years. He is a very well rounded martial artist with vast knowledge in forms and is 4 time full contact fighting champion.


Sijeh Lauren Porter

(1998 – Present)

Lauren Porter began learning Kung-fu as a teenager, winning an A.A.U. silver medal in fighting at the age of 19. After studying several different styles, she wanted to further her knowledge of martial arts and travelled to China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She joined the Lee Koon Hung Kung-fu Association in 1998 and began studying under Master Li, Siu Hung. She has represented the school at many tournaments and demos as a judge and competitor. She is an instructor at our Boynton Beach school.


Sijeh Jina Mullet

(1998 – Present)

A former champion in fighting & forms and over 10 years experience, Jina has been a main part of our demo team for many years. Jina helps coach kung fu & tai chi in our Sunrise location.


Sijeh Penny Kirkiles

(1999 – Present)

A former champion in fighting & forms and over 10 years experience, Penny has been a main member of our Lion Dance & Demo Team. Penny helps coach kung fu in our Sunrise location.

Jennifer Carlson

Sijeh Jennifer Carlson

(2003 – Present)

Jennifer Carlson has been training in CLF a for a number of years now and is very detail oriented in her approach to learning. She helps with our children’s classes and is known in the school for her “ Tiet Kiu Sow “ or “Iron Forearms”

Jason Kung

Sihing Jason Kung

(2005 – Present)

Jason has trained in styles of Kung Fu since his teenage years. He has been with the Lee Koon Hung Association the past 10 Years.

Nayara Monteiro

Sijeh Nayara Monteiro

(2005 – Present)

A champion in fighting & forms, Nayara is an extremely hard worker and main part of our Lion Dance & Demo Team. Nayara helps coach at our Sunrise location.


Sihing Andrew Finell

(2006 – Present)

A main member of the Lion Dance & KungFu Demo team as well as a champion in forms & fighting. Andrew helps teach classes for both children & adults in Boynton Beach.

Inst-Mark Wynter

Sihing Mark Wynter

(2006 – Present)

Mark has studied martial arts for most of his life. He has followed Master Li 5 years and is a member of the Lion Demo Team.

Inst-Mauricio Rampone

Sihing Mauricio Rampone

(2007 – Present)

Mauricio has over 6 years experience studying under Master Li. He has competed and won in both Long-Weapon-Form as well as Two-Man-Hand. Mauricio strives to be his best and constantly offers help to others students.


Sihing Raul Matute

(2009 – Present)

Raul Matute has been training hard with us for a number of years now along with his 2 sons. Raul is dedicated and helps out a lot during Chinese New Year as our “Buddha”. Raul excels at fighting and at the 2009 Orlando Tournament placed 1st in broadsword, 1st in hand form and 2nd in staff. Raul assists with both adults and children.

Donatto Surratt

(2013 – Present)

Donatto has strong sense of self discipline, which was cultivated during his basics and advanced training with the Army National Guard. He has dabbled in the martial arts since he was a child, taking warrior techniques and incorporating into his own daily regimen. But, he was never able to find a true martial art home, until he and his son found Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu. Donatto helps coach at our Boynton Beach location.

Jr. Assistant Instructors

Cesar Valero

Cesar Valero

(2003 – Present)

Cesar has been with Master Li on and off for over 8 years. His skills continue to improve and he is admired by us for his effort.

Brandon Chou1

Brandon Chou

(2003 – Present)

Brandon Chou has been learning Kung Fu with Master Li Siu-Hung since he was four years old. He is very dedicated and consistent in his training.


Javier Suaraz

(2009 – Present)

Javier Suaraz is a long time student and known for his high energy. Javier helps with our children’s classes. At the 2010 Orlando Tournament Javier placed 1st in hand form, 2nd in staff and 2nd in spear.


Andrea Trúc

(2010 – Present)

Andrea has diligently trained with Master Li Siu Hung for a few years. She also assists in teaching the Kids class while being a main member of the Demo Team traveling around Florida to promote KungFu. She has accomplished much including being a champion in forms , weapons and sparring.

Anjani Perez

Aniani Perez

(2012 – Present)

Anjani Perez has practiced Kung Fu for six years and has trained with Master Li, Siu Hung for three years now. She is also a part of the lion dance team and accomplished 1st place and 2nd place medals at the Orlando International Tournament. She continues to improve and is dedicated in her training.

Robert Wills

Robert Wills

(2013 – Present)

Robert Wills has practiced very hard for the past few years and his sense of discipline is an asset in helping with our kids class. He has two children that are also students of the school.

Tracy Fawcett

Tracy Fawcett

(2013 – Present)

Tracy Fawcett has been training since 2013. She has been training extremely hard and has lost about 20 lbs since she began training. She helps coach our kids class in our Boynton Beach location.

Amy Reisner

Amy Reisner

(2015 – Present)

Amy Reisner was introduced to martial arts by studying hapkido back in 2002 and after a marriage and two children she is now finding that Kung Fu is the art she has chosen to pursue. She finds the flowing movements and artful grace of the style to be perfect for her ability. Even with a busy life she still finds time to attend 4 or more classes a week and assists as a junior assistant instructor.

Aldjenatu  Romero

Aldjenatu Romero

(2016 – Present)

AJ Romero inherited a love of martial arts from her father, who practiced Chinese martial arts for thirty-six years. She began taking classes at the Lee Koon Hung School as an adult. AJ admires the beauty and effectiveness of the Choy Lay Fut style and, through focus, finds it both physically and spiritually rewarding. Adhering to a disciplined practice, AJ aspires to make martial arts a lifelong study.

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