Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu – Tai Chi – Promo

Jan. 16 – March 8 , 2018

MEXICO – International Seminar

December 15 & 16

The Buddha Palm (Fut Gar Jeurng)

The Buddha Palm Form is an older Choy Lay Fut form, which contains many internal movements. Using the opponent’s energy as well as using your whole body to develop power is the key to this form.

Travelling Monk Staff (Hung Jeh Pang)

This is a rare opportunity to learn a unique staff set that is seldom taught within the Lee Koon Hung Family Lineage. This set will teach you combinations and techniques that are easy to use while also teaching you fast and agile footwork. The set is different from the other staff sets within the curriculum and utilizes a variety of different angles and directions. The seminar is open to all levels in our school as well as all our friends from other styles. 

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