2018 – 13th Biennial Lee Koon Hung Memorial Internal Tournament


All Ages – All Levels

There will be 4 Grand Championships
Adults, Teens & Kids 7-9 & 10-13!


· Forms · Kids Kung Fu
· Weapons · Kids Weapons
· Sparring · Kids Sparring
· Takedowns · Kids Kung Fu Races
· Fitness Tests · Tai Chi


Tournament will be held on:

SATURDAY SEPT 29, 2018 at 9:00 AM
7748 NW SUNRISE, FL 33351


In Loving Memory of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung


In 1968, Grandmaster Lee began our association in Hong Kong, and was considered one of the top
Martial Art Masters of his time.  He opened our school in Fort Lauderdale in 1993 and hosted two hugely successful international tournaments that drew masters and competitors from all over the world.  Unfortunately he passed away in 1996.


This tournament will be held in his honor, and we will compete and learn from our experiences using the Kung Fu that he passed down to us.


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