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Dating back thousands of years, Lion Dance is a tradition that continues to delight audiences. Used at Special Events, Lion Dance is an exciting way to celebrate and to captivate an audience

The Lion Dance, according to legend, was used to scare off some Lions that terrified a village. The costumes along with loud drumming, cymbals, gongs and fireworks were able to free the village. The tradition continues and is used to bring good luck and scare evil spirits away.

In traditional Chinese culture, the lion, like the Chinese dragon, was only an animal which existed in myth, and there were no actual lions in China. Before the Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD), only a few lions had reached the Central Plains from the western area of ancient China (now Xinjiang), due to Silk Road trade.

At that time, people mimicked the appearance and actions of the newly arrived lions in a performance, which developed into the lion dance in the Three Kingdoms Period (220–280) and then became popular with the rise of Buddhism in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420–589). In the Tang Dynasty (618–907), the lion dance was one of the court dances.

After that lion dances continued to become a popular performance, to pray for good luck during the Spring Festival or during other celebrations.

The lion dance is an excellent example of Chinese folk culture, which has spread across the world with Chinese immigration. Overseas Chinese in Europe, America, etc. have established many lion dance clubs, performing on Chinese festivals or big occasions, particularly Chinese New Year.

Lion dances are performed by two “dancers” in a lion costume. The performers become the body of the lion: the one in front is the head and front limbs, the one behind is the back and hind legs. Performers’ legs are dressed the same color as the lion’s body, and sometimes the costume extends to shoes the shape and color of the lion’s paws.

Weddings, New Years, Openings of Business and all other events would be better with a Lion Dance!

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Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu-Chinese New Year 2017

Year of the Rooter 2017-Lion & Dragon Team


Happy New Year 2015! Year of the Sheep!

Happy Chinese New Year 2015! The Year of the Sheep!
A very thankful to all of my students who helped to perform this Chinese New Year a great success!
Master Li & Michelle also would like to say “THANK YOU” to all the parents who sacrificed time and energy to help us be on time and in position to perform at our best.
Thank you very much-歡樂中國年2015年非常感謝你-Feliz año nuevo chino 2015 Muchas gracias.


Happy New Year 2014! Year of the Horse!

Happy Chinese New Year 2014! The Year of the Horse!
A very special “THANK YOU” to all of my students who helped make this New Year a great success!
Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.
Master Li & Michelle also wishes to say “THANK YOU” to all the parents who sacrificed time and energy to help us be on time and in position to perform at our best.


Happy New Year 2013! Year of the Snake!

Master Li & Michelle would like to thank the Lion & Dragon Team for their hard work and dedication. For over 2 weeks, we have performed non-stop and have made many new friends. Thank you to each and every person, who helped make this New Year truly successful!


New Year 2012 – Year of the Dragon


Lee Koon Hung
15th Anniversary Memorial Kung Fu Masters Exhibition

September 17th 2011

Special Thanks to:

Master Chan Koon Tai, Master Chow Keung, Grandmaster Lily Lau, Grandmaster Hoy Lee, Grandmaster David Chin, Master Sam Ng, Master Buddy Wu, Master Norman Chin, Master Kam Lee, Master Harry Lo, Master Randy Li, Master Truong Tu, Master Andy Chung, Master Daniel Tomizaki, Master Leng Tang, Sifu Jose Jasso Cruz, Sifu Gianni Denittis, Sifu Nicki Bruscino, Sifu Ghislain-Nzeh-Ndong, Sifu Raidan Leung, Master Raymond Wong, Master Nick Scrima, Master Steve Chin, Master Nee, Master Gus Rubio, Master Jimmy Wong, Sifu Amanda Bernabe, Wing Lung KungFu, KungFu Connection, Temple Arts Studio, Ma Ju Do Martial Arts, Ng Family KungFu Association, Jow Ga KungFu Association…and more…


Lion Plum Flower Show

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