Happy New Year 2017! Year of the Rooster!

Master Li & Michelle would like to thank the Lion & Dragon Team for their hard work and dedication. For over 2 weeks, we have performed non-stop and have made many new friends. Thank you to each and every person, who helped make this New Year truly successful!

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Chinese New Year! 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Lion Dance & Kung Fu Show Pictures

2010 Lee Koon Hung Memorial Internal Tournament


2010 Lee Koon Hung Memorial Internal Tournament was a great success. Students from both our Sunrise & Boynton Beach schools showed alot of heart and spirit in this competition. Throughout the day the excitement was in every division, students of all ages really put their training into action. The divisions were evenly matched and all the students in the fighting divisions gave it their best and fought with all their hearts. Master Li and the instructors were very pleased with everyone’s performance and progress…

Karate Kid Red Carpet with Jackie Chan, Will & Jaden Smith!!!

ICMAC 2009 (International Chinese Martial Arts Championship, Orlando)

This tournament was a great event, especially in these difficult times. Master Nick Scrima put on a great tournament and we were happy to help with our Lion Dance show and to compete in this event.

Congrats to: Stephanie, Little Chinese Victor, Nayara, Anthony & Nico, Mark & Natalia, Andrew, Jacob, Jen, Adelle, Janette, Grace & of course Master Li & his instructors…

Master Scrima honored our school with an award for great sportsmanship for always offering help with Lion Dance & also for supporting his tournament throughout the years…

Asian Food Fair Delray Beach 2009

Congratulations to Sifu Andrew Chung on the opening of his new school in Ft. Lauderdale!


2006 Sunrise Grand Opening Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu


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