Master Li Siu Hung

LiSiHuIt is Master Li Siu Hung’s commitment, knowledge and love of martial arts that is the inspiration for excellence at the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association. Master Li was born in 1956 and began his training in 1963 at age 7 under his brother Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung. Master Li has trained over 40 years now in Choy Lay Fut and has been teaching since he was a teenager.

A former full contact fighting champion and champion of forms and weapons, his brother pushed him very hard and he continues to push his students to work hard and persevere.
This philosophy of hard work and perseverance is the foundation of Master Li’s unique style, which requires his personal involvement with all students, from beginners to instructors.

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Master Li Siu Hung

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In 1993, Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung left Hong Kong with his family to start a new life in the USA. He moved his headquarters to Fort Lauderdale Florida and asked his younger brother Master Li Siu Hung to go and help him build the school. Master Li Siu Hung was working full time and doing very well in Hong Kong, he also is married and was very happy there. When Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung held tournaments, Master Li Siu Hung would visit and help out, but when Grandmaster passed away unexpectedly in 1996, a short 3 years in the USA, the future of the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association was very unsure.

Several of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung’s top students were very successful teachers and were making a name for themselves. But there were no other school’s that kept the name “Lee Koon Hung”. Master Li feared that the name would be lost and his brothers name would quickly fade as a memory only. Master Li decided to move to the USA and take over his brother school, and make sure the name “Lee Koon Hung” would continue to inspire the next generations to come.

Some of Master Li Siu Hung’s Accomplishments

– Former Southeast Asia Full Contact Champion
– Over 40 years experience teaching
– Lifetime Member of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association & member of most International Chinese Martial Art Associations
– Trained Several Champions in Fighting & Forms
– Created Instructional Videos Worldwide with over 15,000 copies sold!!! We have received word that after ordering our videos: 7 people placed 1st in tournaments using the forms from Master Li’s tapes!!!
– Featured in Several Martial Art Magazines
– Writer for 5 Chinese Newspapers
– Teaches worldwide spreading Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu
– President of the World Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association

Master Li Siu Hung Profile

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Master Li Profile Book

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