Adult Kung Fu

Choy Lay Fut

Our goal is to provide each student with a well rounded education in Chinese Martial Arts and to train each student in all areas of self-defense and tournament fighting. Our instructors encourage each student to progress in the quest to be the most confident, strongest and healthiest possible versions of themselves. Our classes are designed to ease new students in, while keeping the classes exciting and challenging for students of all ages and ability levels.

Our style of Kung Fu is “Choy Lay Fut”, a southern Chinese style very famous for it’s effectiveness as a style of fighting. Choy Lay Fut is famous for its long range hand techniques which are known to help in defense against multiple opponents, for it’s speed and quick movements, deceptive hands and footwork, wide range of weapons and it’s ability to adapt to any situation.

Training is done on a step-by-step process; students follow a 10 levels system learning the style through a structured system. There are no belts in our school, we have maintained traditional path of Chinese Martial Arts. The ranking system and test exist to help each student visualize their goals and celebrate their improvements.

We put students into many different situations in sparring, light contact continuous, multiple opponents vs. 1, defense against weapons, San Shou (Full-Contact with take downs), Take downs, Submission. Our instructors are experienced in Choy Lay Fut as well as other styles is a real asset and helps our students who enjoy sparring learn many different approaches to combat.

Physical Benefits

Every student will make tremendous gains physically! Between the Kung Fu & Kickboxing class, Strength, Stamina & Flexibility increase dramatically. Students will notice improvements in muscle tone and development extremely quickly. The training and physicality from Kung Fu has had some students lose up to 40 pounds in a 3-month period, as well as some underweight students gain up to 25 pounds! Kung Fu training will balance your life and get your body to be healthy and balanced.

Mental Benefits

Training at our school offers a healthy release for physical and mental stress. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem grow as students progress and expand their abilities. The concentration, discipline and confidence acquired from martial arts and Kung Fu training carry over into all aspects of life.

Self Defense

Sparring is the best way to learn to handle violent situations and at our school sparring has always been a key aspect of the martial arts training. Whether you have experience or none at all, our school will help you step by step get involved in sparring. Through sparring important lessons are learned that can only be experienced through facing others.
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