Fu Style Tai Chi

Grandmaster Fu Chen Song, an accomplished master of Ba-Gua & Leung Yee, was well known for his fighting skill. After learning the Yang style of Tai Chi, he incorporated some of the elements of his other 2 styles into his forms. This created a unique form of Tai Chi. This style gained popularity quickly as the Grandmaster’s legend grew.

Grandmaster, Lee Koon Hung passed the art of Tai Chi on to his students who continue to teach at both the Sunrise and Boynton Beach schools here in South Florida. Anyone can learn, regardless of age or physical condition. We have helped many students, especially those who are seeking traditional therapeutic options. We have personally helped people with arthritis, carpel tunnel, bad knees, bad backs, high blood pressure and many other illnesses.

Training includes Chi Gung (Qi Gung), which is a wonderful form of meditation using deep breathing and movement. The traditional movement forms help cultivate internal energy and promote better circulation, basic Tai Chi steps and movements that are easy to learn and remember, Tai Chi hand forms, Sword Forms, Leung Yee hand form, Push Hands, Applications (optional) and a variety of internal forms.

Many of our instructors have experience in other forms of Tai Chi and enjoying working personally with each student.

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Good health requires exercise, the human body was designed for physical movement. Our ancestors were in good physically shape due to necessary exercise of survival activities. Modern life can be too sedentary, our lives are in the office rather than the on the ocean, or in the factory rather than the field. So we need exercise in order to have good health and stay in shape.

More than just an exercise it is a system of self-defense, a shield against disease, a means of meditation, a living philosophy and a beautiful dance. What would you call a treatment that has been said to cure cancer without drugs? Or a sport where one could be a serious world class competitor at age 90? We call it Tai Chi, the world’s most popular exercise, a daily exercise that is practiced by more than a billion throughout Asia and around the world.

Tai Chi is the ultimate exercise for the mind, body & spirit!

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