Sunrise School

Our Headquarters

The Sunrise school is our headquarters and is run by Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung’s brother, Master Li Siu Hung. Located on NW 44th St, 2 lights south of Commercial Blvd off of University Drive.

Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association

Sunrise, Florida USA

7748 NW 44th Street, (Lincoln Park West)
Sunrise, Florida 33351 USA
(954) 730-3688


We are located on the corner of University Drive and NW 44th Street. Here is a sign to help you find our school, located next to Sound of Sunrise in Licoln Park West Plaza. Lincoln Park West Plaza is next to Piper High School.

With over 3,500 square feet of space, our Sunrise school is a great place for the practice of Choy Lay Fut. Enough room for weapons training, sparring and seminars, there is always enough room for you here.

Our school has 2 rooms, both very large and great for training. With ceilings over 20 feet high, weapons training and Lion Dance practice is enjoyable.

Room for Everyone

There is a waiting room for our guests where they can observe our classes or watch past Kung Fu Tournament and Lion Dance videos. Our Supply shop has everything our students will need for their training.
Our back room gives our fighters a place to workout preparing for San Shou, sparring or MMA.

Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu has something for all students who wish to train.

The Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association offers traditional & modern training in a large & comfortable facility. All ages can learn the wonderful art of Choy Lay Fut with dedicated & qualified teachers.

Classes for Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Kids are held 6 days a week, Fight Team, Demonstration Team and Lion Dance opportunities are available!

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