Núcleo 7 Esferas Do Tao
Kung Fu e Tai Chi Chuan

Sifu César Augusto Laurenti

Phone: (11) 3733-6481
Location: Avenida Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 1764
Butantã São Paulo – SP


Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Mexico

Wudang Martial Arts Studios

Headquarters: Carranza 950-C, Col. Moderna, San Luis Potosi, S.L.P. Mexico 78000
Phone: (444) 8 12 08 38
BAI FU JIAO: Cuauhtemoc 110-A, Col. Centro 78000, San Luis Potosi, S.L.P. Mexico
Phone: (444) 8 12 02 53

Sifu Jose Luis Jasso Cruz

– Currently a student of Master Li Siu Hung
– Over 30 years experience in martial arts
– Over 20 years experience in Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu
– 10 Dan in Japanese martial arts
– Professional trainer in bodyguard system
– Years of experience as instructor
– Trained with many skilled masters


Ecole Long Tao

Kung Fu Wushu Traditionnel

Sifu Ghislain Nzeh Ndong

12 bis rue des frênes – Villa 5 – 31400 Toulouse



De Nittis Kung Fu Traditional Chinese Martial Art Association

Sifu Gianni de Nittis


43122 PARMA
Telephone: 339-8018937
CF 92124870343
affiliato UISP A H0502309
registrato CONI 202607

For International Membership Inquiries

Since 1968, the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association has grown into a martial arts family that extends worldwide.
Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung’s teachings were from the heart and he treated each student with the respect and dedication that he would offer his own family. With the continued success of his international students and of the school’s headquarters in Florida, USA, the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association continues to produce high quality martial artists worldwide.

To preserve our style and quality, there are no memberships awarded by mail, application, distance course learning, etc…

Currently the only way to become a member of the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association is to become a student of Master Li Siu Hung.

You can either travel to Florida, USA, or arrange for Master Li to come to you. There will be a structured curriculum to follow with periodic testing.

Due to the time and effort involved on Master Li’s part, only serious inquiries can be considered.

Please be advised that all LOGOS, MARKS & LIKENESSES associated with the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association are protected under INTERNATIONAL TRADEMARK & COPYRIGHT LAW.

Any attempt to use these without the express written permission of Master Li Siu Hung, will result in legal proceedings against the entity(ies) found to be at fault.

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