Our Kickboxing Classes offers great training for everyone! The class is designed to prepare our students for the ring and to help improve the strength, endurance, flexibility and overall body development in order to be ready physically. Classes includes both men and women, and anyone can start and ease into our Kickboxing Program.

Our style of kung Fu “Choy Lay Fut” is very effective and easy to use in Kickboxing, traditional and modern techniques are used to teach our students and prepare them for the different forms of sparring.

Bag Training is a great way to improve and understand technique, and is excellent for building up strength and endurance. Unlike a gym where it’s easy to be lazy, partners take turns and help motivate each other. Flexibility is increased by our stretching exercises and also by the intense workouts in Kickboxing Classes. Even if you have no previous martial art experience, you will be amazed at how well you can improve in a short time. No matter what age, kickboxing will make you look and feel great!

Choy Lay Fut style is a very popular style used by fighters and at our school Sparring is used to help our students understand how to put theory into application. Once students learn some of the basics and feel ready, they begin with light contact sparring. When students make more progress, full contact and submission fighting is introduced. Sparring teaches many lessons you cannot learn from technique or form. When you spar you develop better control and technique and build up a better awareness through your experiences. Most of our students enjoy sparring and are encouraged by fellow students to improve and overcome their fears as well as prepare them for tournaments.

Sparring is a fun way to practice and in class you will be matched against many different opponents.

This will help you to learn how to change your strategy when facing different size opponents. Also, sparring against multiple opponents is practiced in order to help students prepare for defense on the street.

Submission fighting is a form of sparring where in order to win your opponent must give up by tapping out. Many joint locks and techniques used on the ground are used.

The high intensity of the workout will make you faster, stronger and create a great and healthy feeling. We have had students lose up to 40 pounds in only 3 months!!! Kickboxing is easy to learn and much more fun than other workouts. Not only will you get in shape, you will learn to defend yourself and be pushed by our coaches and fellow students. Students will receive personal attention from experienced teachers. Most of our instructors are internationally recognized champions! Specific corrections are given and students will receive coaching to help them improve, especially in sparring.

Preparing our students mentally is very important too, and you want qualified teachers to help. Master Li Siu Hung was a marathon runner in Hong Kong and advocates a healthy lifestyle. Running is one of the most important exercises a fighter must endure, and whether in our class or at the beach on Sunday with Master Li, running will be an essential part of your training. Even if you have never run before, you will be taken through our course and taught on how to improve and in no time you will feel great! Calisthenics is also another integral part of our training. Push-ups, Squats, Sit-ups and many other exercises are integrated into our workout. Some of our students made it through Marine Corps boot camp and claimed our class really had them ready for the physical challenge!

After all the training, nothing is better than the feeling of being in the ring and seeing all your training paying off!

Our school participates in many tournaments giving our fighters many chances to compete and test their skill.
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