Chan Heung is the founder of our style “Choy Lay Fut”. In the early 1800’s this style came to being during a very turbulent period and its use by so many practitioners has made it a very effective style due to its popularity.

Chan Heung taught many students, his sons Chan Koon Pak and Chan On Pak who helped propagate the style and a very famous and controversial disciple Jeung Yim “Jeung Hung Sing”. Jeung Hung Sing is recognized as the leader of the Fut Shan Hung Sing Kwoon in China, and is also known to have added to our style.

Tarm Sam is the founder of the Buk Sing branch of Choy Lay Fut, which is famous for training many top fighters. Due to the inability to communicate and the popularity of Choy Lay Fut, many teachers have added to this great style. Just as an automobile improves its technology, Choy Lay Fut is always improving its technique and theory.

Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung as well as many masters trained under many teachers with the hopes of being better fighters.

Our style is “Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut” of both Chan Heung & Jeung Hung Sing.

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