Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung (1942 – 1996)

Founded Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu in 1968

Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung was the founder of the Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association and was recognized throughout the world as a prominent authority of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu and Fu style Tai Chi. Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung began his training at age 12 and studied Choy Lay Fut under 5 different Choy Lay Fut Masters: Yun Yim Cho, Poon Sing, Chow Bing, Leung Sai and So Kam Fook (Grandmaster Poon Dik’s Kung Fu classmate). Later he trained under legendary Grandmaster Shek Kin from Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”, a great honor since he was Grandmaster Shek Kin’s only student. Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung was a champion in Full Contact fighting, weapons and forms, and was highly skilled in Chinese Martial Arts. Many of his students became recognized fighting champions and many now continue his teachings all over the world. Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung became an instructor at an early age and opened his first martial arts school in Hong Kong 1968. During his 35 years of teaching, enrollment at his schools reached over 15,000 worldwide. Currently there are Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu and Tai Chi schools in every major continent of the world. While teaching in Hong Kong Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung taught many TV & Movie stars at TVB, he also starred in some Kung Fu movies including “Duel of the 7 Tigers” and “Choy Lay Fut”. Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung traveled a lot teaching Choy Lay Fut and was asked numerous times by many governments to come and share his Kung Fu and Lion Dance with their countries. Today our association and many of Grandmaster Lee Koon Hung’s students work very hard to teach and pass on Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu the way it was taught to us by Grandmaster, his straightfoward philosophy of hard work and focus continues to inspire us all. Even in his last days before his untimely passing due to heart problems, he would make us video tape our Kung Fu and he would write down what we needed to fix… And when he could not keep his eyes open… He made us audio record our classes…

Notable Accomplishments

  • Full Contact fighting Champion, Forms & Weapons Master
  • Director of Fight Scenes & Actor of numerous movies
  • Teacher of many famous Kung Fu Movies Stars including: Alex Fu Cheng & Carter Wong
  • 5th Generation Choy Lay Fut

We will never forget this great man!

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